NeoVIM Screenshot

Hello World

Hello. I created this page as a brain dump of things I’m building or exploring, from coding to home improvement projects to working on cars. Here are some of the things that I’m playing around with at the moment, that you might see in future posts.

  • NeoVIM - After watching some Primeagen videos on YouTube, I got the urge to become better with vim. Right now, I’m just focusing on getting used to moving around. I’ve been decent at this in the past with vim plugins for IDEs, but it’s been a while. Once I get past that hurdle, I want to try out using NeoVIM as my main editor. I’ve already installed it with the Kickstart NVim, that I found by watching one of TJ DeVries videos.
  • Golang - At work, my team is using Golang, which I have some experience with, but I want to get better with it. Currently working through the Advent of Code 2023 problems with it.
  • AWS - I’ll be working re-certifying as a Solutions Architect Associate this year. As I study for that, I want to play around more with AWS.
  • Chromebook Development - I recently got an ASUS Chromebook for just browsing the web. I found out that you can pretty much click a button and have a Debian VM installed, that integrates well with the OS. I installed NeoVIM there and may play around with using that as my main development PC

That’s it for now. I definitely have some home improvement projects on my TODO list and car-related work that you’ll probably see as well.